opened daily from 6pm – 2am


you’ll find us at: Bahnhofstrasse 70, the main street in Zermatt (above Gee’s Bar)

“life is a combination of magic and pasta”

by federico fellini

piu di un semplice gruppo di lavoro

Salvatore is Chef de Service at Grampi’s, and part of the Grampi’s family since 1998. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree; His parents were working in the restaurant business in Zermatt. This Sicilian is also a dog lover and occasionally dresses up his four-legged friend Ronco.

Enzo is the chef at Grampi’s and has been part of the team since 1998. For him, team spirit is of tremendous importance and due to the great camaraderie at Grampi’s, he has not even contemplated changing jobs for 20 years. His absolute favorite food is the Grampi’s Spare Ribs with crispy French fries.

Gianpietro is our pizzaiolo and has been part of the Grampi’s family since 1998. His favorite pizza is the Pizza Carbonella (pizza dough with coal). He grew up with Rocco in Montano Antilia. The best friends are inseparable and therefore have always worked together in Grampi’s.  His only greater love is Anna, Gianpietro’s Amore.

Sandro was born in Zermatt, but then returned to Italy. At the age of 18 (after completing service training), he moved back to the mountains, where he has been working in service ever since. His special trait is his hair. He visits the hairdresser once a month, minimum!

Rocco has been with us at Grampi’s since 2006 and is called “orsacchiotto” (in English: Teddy bear) by all the team.

The gracious Italian from Montano Antilia could not give up coffee for a day … and certainly couldn’t do without his best friends Enzo and Gianpiero. Perfect, that they also work at Grampi’s with him.

Paolo has been working in service at Grampi’s since 1994. On arriving in Zermatt, Paolo discovered his love of snowsports and is now a passionate snowboarder. However, his talents don’t stop there, this all-rounder is also the #1 mechanic and handyman on the team.

Sergio is the calm soul of the Grampi `s family and has been with us since 1999. He enjoys traveling to foreign countries and getting to know different cultures. In addition, Sergio is a big cat lover.

Rui has been part of the Grampi’s family since 1998. He used to be responsible for the cold kitchen, now he is the Sous Chef at Grampi’s! In private life, too, a big family is important to him. Rui is already a grandfather and likes to spend his free time with the family or taking road trips.

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bahnhofstrasse 70 zermatt 

above Club Mamacita



18:00 – 02:00

opened daily



+41 27 967 77 75